In The Netherlands Dance4Life empowers youngsters to take action for their international peers with the unique program Schools4Life. Similar but slightly different compared to the Journey4Life, the main purpose of the Dutch program is to motivate and activate youngsters to start talking about unsafe sex and to raise money for the development of the Journey4Life internationally.

Unique programme on sexual harassment and unsafe sex 

Schools4Life is the only programme in the Netherlands offering guest lectures on sexual harassment and sexual violence for youngsters. From from October 2018 till Mid December 2018 the team visits high schools throughout the Netherlands with a campaign for the sexual health of youngsters! We need to. Because unsafe sex is one of the top and fastest growing health risks for millions of young people globally. It particularly affects those most vulnerable and living in the poorest countries. Dance4Life is determined to change this. Forever. Together.

During the campaignperiod young people are activated to come into action and raise money for the development of good sexual education for their peers worldwide. Similar to the Journey4Life (link maken?), not the teachers but youth peers start the conversation about sex with youngsters. The emphasis is not on boring biological facts, but on respecting norms and values ​​about sex and relationships and respecting each other’s boundaries. By talking about real stories and experiences from youngters who lives in other countries, Dutch youngsters are triggered to think about own sexual behavior.

Schools4Life 2018/2019

During the school year of 2018/2019 we ask attention and raise money for the sexual health of youngsters in Indonesia.

First a guest lesson is given to each participating school from the Dance4Life tour team. Our amazing tour team consists of Dutch facilitators and two young people from a project country of Dance4Life. This year Indonesian youngsters Calvin and Laras are visiting the school with us. With a peer-led approach they have a huge impact on Dutch students because they share their personal stories about sexual violence in their own countries. In addition, during a class the work of Dance4Life is explained and discussion about unsafe sex are started. After our visit, students are activated to start their own mini fundraising projects to raise money for youngsters like Calvin and Laras. The money will be invested in the development of the international Dance4Life program in Indonesia. The tourteam, Calvin and Laras, and the participating students and schools can be followed in the social media campaign “Come in action with Calvin and Laras. Stand up against sexual violence in Indonesia “. The promotion period runs until 19 December and will start again on 30 January in the new calendar year.

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Magali van Dijk