Regionale Liaisons

Our Regional Liaisons are the personal link to dance4life programmes on the ground in every country we work. They are global thinkers acting on a local scale and manage a networked community of responsibilities. In other words, they join the dots.

Francis Mutua

Anushree Mishra

dance4life carries out its work in diverse parts of the world. To effectively do so we need local knowledge. Our Regional Liaisons are that knowledge. They are a team of driven, strategic individuals. They create demand for the dance4life model on the ground. They develop relationships and ensure a strong and meaningful regional network of franchisees and funding for scale up of our work. They raise our visibility by pro-actively positioning dance4life at events or in the media and connect with both potential new partners and investors.

They build strategic partnerships with donors, social impact investors, corporates and foundations in their region. These in-country gurus meet funders and match them with franchisees and the dance4life international office. They gather information in order to build stronger investment cases and knowledge bases. They work to support the self-sustainability of existing and new franchisees. They lead on local preparation and submission of concepts and propositions and successfully close deals and target funding. Above all, they collaborate closely and immerse everything they do with dance4life enthusiasm and energy to create lasting and substantive regional relations.